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unlock your inner ninja

Welcome to the only Kajukenbo school in Michigan. We are an American style martial arts based out of Hawaii that was developed by 7 masters from different disciplines of martial arts that built a cohesive style with elements from Karate, Judo and Ju-Jitsu, Kenbo and Chinese Boxing.

We develop a well rounded curriculum of katas, self defense series and sparring to help a student become prepared for everyday self defense if only when the time is needed. Learn from a instructor with over eight years of experience in Kajukenbo/Kajukenpo teaching the Emperado Method of Kajukenbo under Grandmaster Harper and Sigung Lofgren.

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Who Are We?

Our program is a traditional karate school with students evaluating and progressing through levels via a traditional belt system from white through multiple levels of black belt.  The adults/juniors program (13 and up) as well as the youth program (ages 6 – 12) study the same curriculum, but at a slightly different pace.

Classes consist of a rotating curriculum of both skills and kata (form) work as well as freestyle self-defense.  Students are taught fundamentals using both individual and partner series of skills, like a kicking series and multiple blocking series and partner self-defense series.  Each series introduce skills that are reinforced through the partner skills and kata. Our program consists of a melding of the “Original Method” Kajukenbo under Grandmaster Greg Harper and Sigung Paula Lofgren and Kajukenpo influences and teachings of Sigung Tim Rochford at Empower Martial Arts.

Our school is centered around the belief of Ohana or family atmosphere.  Everyone is here to help support and promote each other and strive to better everyone that walk thru the doors and on to the mat.  Opening initially in January of 2015 out of Sifu Lucas’ basement, the school grew and moved to downtown Hastings, ultimately settling in its current location on Star School Road.  Over the years the school has grown, both in physical space, including the new lobby in 2020, but student base as well.